Dear Students,

You have just been graduated from high school and you are about to make an important decision for your future. I would like to make some advice about why you should choose the Department Logistics Management and UTAA.

If you choose UTAA Department of Logistics Management, you will get the opportunity to have a job which is at the intersection point of aviation and logistics considered to be two of the future’s industries. In addition to that, you will get an opportunity to have more than one of the jobs which will be very attractive at the time of your graduation.

When you choose UTAA Department of Logistics, you will have the opportunity to take elective courses from some other departments of our faculty or our university. By this means, you will be able to have both an interdisciplinary point of view and a diploma of different departments of our university, especially Aviation Management and Business Administration, by means of double major program.

Logistics Documentation Center and Air Logistics Application and Research Center established within UTAA offer students the possibility to put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

You will have the opportunity to participate in various logistics events through logistics club’s activities.

Furthermore, you will be able to meet prominent executives, agencies and institutes of the industry while you are having your undergraduate study via such academic events as National Logistics Summit which is held every year, International Aviation Conferences which are held biennially and conferences at which executives of the industry make presentations.

As of the end of the first academic year, UTAA provides all students with the opportunity of internship in an establishment not only at home but also abroad depending upon their preferences. Through this, you will both transform your theoretical knowledge into practice and you will have good opportunities for making decision about the job that is suitable for your skills.

Using today’s information and communication technologies in an efficient way is possible with those academicians who are acknowledged in their fields in terms of both theoretical and practical knowledge.

Our academic staff is built with full care for our potential graduates being well educated. You will take courses from an academic staff that is well known with their academic works in their field, competent, modern, dominated by information and communication technologies, young and exciting. Our academic staff is graduated from the universities in various foreign countries such as the USA, England, and Austria. The writer of the first and best selling logistics book in Turkey is also among them. One of the most important differences of curriculum of Department of Logistics Management in UTAA is that it is enriched with the courses related to Industrial Engineering.

In UTAA, there is an academic environment that is multinational and enriched with different cultures thanks to almost 350 international students from 97 different countries. When you are graduated, you will get the advantages of having classmates in these countries. You will also be able to go on holiday in your friends’ countries while you are still studying.

Given the fact that you cannot find the above mentioned advantages somewhere else, I invite you to be one of the privileged students of UTAA Department of Logistics Management on behalf of all my colleagues.

Head of Department of Logistics Management  

Associate Proffesor Göknur Arzu AKYÜZ